We are a family of 4. Each of us is involved in the making of Malia Mu.

Jay - Daddy. 

Carley - Mommy. 

Stacy - Oldest. Sr. Tester. Director of Charitable Givings.

As Director of Charitable Givings, our son Stacy is in charge of donations. It was his idea to give to children in need and we supported his decision by teaching him about different charities and ways to give. He chose our local Children's Wish Foundation because he loved the thought of being able to help make a wish come true. He said "that would be magic." Stacy is responsible for personally delivering a portion of all sales each month, directly to The Children's Wish Foundation. 

Malia - Youngest. Junior Tester. 

Malia is in charge of testing all products and leading our baby focus groups.